Ukraine Seeks Donations for Medical Supplies 🇺🇦

💡 Note: This blog post is a submission for The Global MUN 2022 International Challenge Competition, where high-school students from different parts of the world have submitted their creations in order to drive traffic to Direct Relief’s mission to provide medical aid to those affected by the war in Ukraine.

By Angela Ruíz & Iván Ávalos 

Discovery School 

Mexico 🇲🇽


Ukraine is now experiencing a catastrophic human rights crisis. Many lives have been lost, including children, and countless lives are at risk. The invasion of Ukraine has already resulted in indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians and on civilian property and infrastructure, including residential areas, schools, hospitals, social infrastructure, and other civilian property, resulting in civilian fatalities and injuries. 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused a violation of human rights, also a displacement crisis in less than a week, having a two-sided situation where there are the Ukrainian residents that want to leave the country looking for a safe place to guard their lives, and the Ukrainians that live abroad that want to return to their country to help as much as they can in the frontline.  

All these points and recent events, turn this catastrophe into all the characteristics of the biggest disaster in recent European history. People are panicked about how the situation suddenly came to be and are worried about their lives and are currently looking to survive this full-scale invasion.  

Economic and social rights have already suffered consequences. In Ukraine, food and basic commodities prices are rising very high, especially medical supplies. This situation is compromising people’s entitlement to health care, basic needs services, and hence a decent standard of living. The Russia-Ukraine situation is also compromising other important human rights, such as the children’s right to get an education. It is also roughly interfering with the progress and accomplishment of the UN’s set 2030 Agenda.  

Fortunately, organizations and NGOs, like the Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross, are helping with what they can to the ones that have been affected by the Russia-Ukraine situation. Apart from covering the basic needs of people, such as food, clothing, and shelter, the actions of the NGOs include medical and mental health treatment, communication services, transport services, etc. 

Some of the Red Cross’ support to people includes emergency aid such as food, water, and other essential items. We also support hospitals and primary health care centers with medical equipment and emergency preparedness. They repair water stations and support families to restore their damaged homes. UNHCR also works in both government-controlled and non-government-controlled areas of Ukraine to provide legal, social, and humanitarian assistance, such as winter clothing and blankets, and to offer psychosocial support and emergency shelter to people who need it. 

Despite all the help and reduction of risks and needs these NGOs give, we are afraid that this isn’t enough, these NGOs are seeking for us civilians to help these innocent affected lives to get the opportunity to be able to return to their lives as soon and as gentle as possible, without fear and without having to run away.

So that is why we are inviting you to be part of the solution to this problem, which you can help in many ways, like donating a quantity of money that you can be able to afford to help, seeking out private organizations that are willing to donate the medical supplies that the NGOs and helpers need in Ukraine. Definitely, any help you give is going to be life-changing for these people and these organizations will be able to continue helping without a limited quantity of medical aid and supplies. 

The United Nations estimates that approximately 12 million people in Ukraine require humanitarian assistance. Since February 24, 2022, the number of persons affected by the ongoing violence has surpassed the 12 million: approximately 4.9 million have crossed international borders, and at least 7.1 million have been internally displaced. As a result of the fighting, almost 10 million people have been displaced. 

Many hospitals are on the verge of running out of oxygen, and right now getting oxygen supplies from the factories where it is made is a major difficulty. Simultaneously, zeolite, a chemical substance required to manufacture safe medical oxygen, is in low supply. We also provide the possibility to receive oxygen from other nations nearby by contributing. In-kind donations will provide essential commodities including medications, oxygen, vaccinations, medical equipment, tents, mattresses, and emergency blankets. 


As a result of the fighting, almost 10 million people have been displaced.

Doctors, nurses, PAs, dentists, social workers, EMTs, and other medical professionals offering humanitarian outreach to these people’s physical, mental, and emotional needs is one option we’ve proposed. By being present and kind, you may also give people hope. While each week-long mission trip is insufficient to heal all of the sick, it is sufficient time to sow the seeds of hope for a brighter future in their lives. Please think about joining one of our volunteer medical teams. 

If you are unable to participate, please consider expressing your support financially. As we previously stated, and as we would like to reiterate, you might contribute to medical supplies and equipment for use in the lodging center as well as four hospitals in Ukraine that we sponsor. Imagine yourself in a situation where you know you could save a life but lack the necessary equipment.


You can help prevent this from happening.


  • Families, children, and refugees from all over the world are looking for safe-havens. By offering a somewhere to stay, you may save lives.

  • Find local and international organizations and services that can assist you in hosting refugees in your region or country (NGOs, local

  • communities, etc).

  • Create your own Facebook groups and/or local projects if none exist in your region and you believe you can assist! Inquire with local authorities about establishing formal refugee programs.

  • Find out if any of your Ukrainian friends are traveling to the border and need assistance.

If you want to collaborate on this cause you can do it by clicking the button below!

Thank you very much for doing your part in this catastrophe. Without a doubt, lives will be saved and changed.

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