Negotiate, debate, and deal with challenging situations at the preferred virtual Model UN program for middle and high school students worldwide.

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Develop your Model UN skills

from the comfort of home!

Elevate your Model UN skills without leaving your home! Our virtual Model UN program brings the world of diplomacy and debate right to your doorstep. Through interactive online sessions, engaging simulations, and expert guidance, you’ll develop essential skills like negotiation, public speaking, and critical thinking, all from the comfort and convenience of your home.

Join us in this exciting journey of learning and discovery, and empower yourself for success in the dynamic world of Model United Nations.

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Experience an all-online international event, spanning over a 2-week experience that ends at our dynamic 3-day MUN conference format. Get ready to:

Develop your skills at

Beginner & Advanced Training

Train public speaking and effective communication like the pros with our comprehensive Beginner & Advanced Training programs. Whether you’re just starting or aiming to refine your skills, our expert-led sessions provide the perfect platform to grow and step into the world of Model United Nations equipped with the skills to set you apart.

Join us and become a skilled communicator and diplomat, ready for any challenge that comes your way.

Unleash the leader inside of you

at our Leadership Training Sessions

Designed to ignite your leadership potential, this program is your gateway to becoming a confident, forward-thinking leader in your school, community, and beyond. Our leadership training is given by senior TGMUN leaders and world-class entrepreneurs.

Join us on this transformative journey and step into your leadership role with clarity, purpose, and unwavering confidence. Your journey as a leader starts here!

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Engage in meaningful conversations

with individuals who experienced the topics up for debate at Global Talks

Have a meaningful chat with individuals who have firsthand experience with the topics up for debate. Our unique program offers you the opportunity to learn directly from people who’ve lived through the very issues at the heart of Model United Nations discussions. Gain invaluable insights, broaden your perspectives, and deepen your understanding as you interact with these individuals.

This is your chance to go beyond theory and textbooks, immersing yourself in real-life stories that will shape your perspective and enhance your ability to give back to the world meaningfully.

Our IV Edition Schedule

The Global MUN is a 2-week online experience across the Americas engineered to be complemented with your regular school schedule. Check out our sample itinerary in full below!

*Please note all times are given in the observed time by GMT-5:00 meaning, Chicago Time during event dates.
**Global Talks exact times for all sessions to be confirmed closer to event dates.
***Times are subject to change as this itinerary serves as a sample for The Global MUN online MUN experience.

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