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Why students choose

Every student that participates in our programs unlocks a world of opportunity. Beyon Model UN, we provide a transformative journey that empowers students to become global leaders, confident speakers, and savvy negotiators. Join us to connect with bright minds from around the world, delve into real-world issues, and cultivate skills that will propel you toward a future of success. Choose The Global MUN and step into an immersive experience where you’ll debate, collaborate, and shape the future on an international stage.

Conferences in New York

Debate in the room
where it happens

Learning and polishing your skills through an engaging, international environment is at the heart of everything we do at The Global MUN.

Our Live MUN experience takes you to debate as a true world leader within the General Assembly room at the UN headquarters in New York.

Online Conferences

Available Worldwide

Our student’s-choice, engaging, and fun online MUN format continues to deliver a beginner-friendly experience worldwide, that encompasses all things MUN, plus world-class debates.

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