MUN takes you to the city that never sleeps. Debate at the UN headquarters in New York, the largest city in the USA and one of the world’s primary business and financial centers. Explore its music, art, fashion, and cuisine, with easy access to the heart of Manhattan and its iconic landmarks such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and the Metropolitan Museum.

Do Model UN in the Room Where It Happens!

Debate at the United Nations General Assembly Hall.

Get ready for a unique Model UN experience in the iconic United Nations General Assembly Hall, where you’ll step onto the same stage as world leaders to engage in meaningful debates on global issues. Our program not only hones your diplomacy and public speaking skills but also fosters a deep appreciation for international cooperation. Join us for this unforgettable experience and make your mark where history unfolds!

*Please note that UN venues are subject to availability and rooms in the UN are never guaranteed; should the rooms be needed in the event of an emergency for intergovernmental meetings, the event organizers will locate the event in an alternative venue.

Train MUN Like a Pro.

Hone your skills at the Zero-to-Diplomat Delegate Training Course!

Our programs offer a pre-travel 8-week training program through the Zero-to-Diplomat Delegate Training Course, where our participants can explore state-of-the-art tools and techniques to improve their communication, critical thinking, and project management. All without crushing their academic agendas, to ensure a sustainable, yet satisfying experience takes place.

8 weeks, 1 module per week

to conquer diplomacy!

We include all you need for your NYC trip.

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