International Challenge 2022 Launch 🚀

As the world is finally looking to step out of the emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is almost unthinkable to find that the light at the end of the tunnel also means war for Ukraine and Russia.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has been around since quite some years ago, though it was not until the events on the 24th of February of the present year, that this conflict has escalated to a near-nuclear tension. 

As humanity makes efforts to move away from using violence and warfare to confront our differences, it is our task as a youth to promote peace, assertiveness, and constructive conflict resolution to secure a sustainable future for ourselves and the next generations. 

This is why we welcome you to The Global MUN's official International Challenge 2022! 🎉

Get to know the challenge! 👀

Our challenge allows you to dive deeper into the conflict in Ukraine by taking action to cause a positive impact on those affected by the war. 

We want you to get hands-on and become a direct contributor to positive change globally. This is why, to explain how this year’s challenge will work, keep reading ahead as we divide your tasks into two main sections: 

Section I – Promoting Peace Worldwide 🕊️


We want to hear your voice! This section allows you to speak your mind up to the world through a creative, meaningful, and powerful virtual message.


Through Section I of the challenge, we want you to craft a blog post that aims to collect donations from people all around the world to provide medical supplies to people in Ukraine. 

Make sure to follow our format guidelines ahead to ensure the best possible visualization of your blog post: 


1- Use long-form text as your main source of information

– Include between 1000 and 2000 words

– Language must be English

– Structure your argument using AIDA as a tool (click to learn more)


2- Include images and videos to engage your reader


3- Use a catchy headline for your post


4- Be extremely engaging!


This section of the challenge can be carried out individually or together with other TGM 2022 participants within your school. All submissions will need to be uploaded to the Google Form found by clicking the button below before May 22nd by midnight. 

Please bear in mind you must upload a Word document with your written text. All images and videos must be present within the Word document with their respective direct download links. Our staff will use this base file as a reference to upload your post shall it be selected.

Our editorial team will choose the top 3 submissions to publish on our official blog area and find real donations from real people. The selected submissions will be announced at the International Challenge event on May 27th. 

All donations will be routed through The Global MUN to provide supplies for medical relief in Ukraine. We work with Direct Relief, one of the world’s largest non-profit distributors of medical supplies. Direct Relief has provided over $127 million for this matter since the conflict started, translated into more than 200 tons of medical supplies.

You can learn more about Direct Relief and its donation program for Ukraine by clicking here. All blog creators are entitled to request proof of deposit for each donation routed through The Global MUN to the Direct Relief Foundation

Section II – The International Negotiation Challenge 💬


The second section of our challenge will confront you in a negotiation setting, where you might represent a Russian Delegate or a Ukrainian Delegate during peace-keeping talks.  

Your task for this section will be to investigate as much as possible prior to the event. You must do your research from the diverse standpoint of both Russians and Ukrainians. Be ready to confront a live negotiation where you will have to defend the interests of one of these nations through dialogue, with the objective of finding a peaceful solution. 

You will not know what position will you defend until we have assigned it to you during the event on May the 27th at 6:00 pm Chicago time! Make sure to bring an open mind and broaden your horizon toward this subject. The better you understand each position, the easier will it be to find true, impactful solutions.

The Global MUN was born to give a safe space for global dialogue to young leaders. A place to share their hunger for positive change across the globe, and take action to make our world a better place. We can’t wait to see your creations move the world in the search for peace.

 Let’s get hands-on at The Global MUN International Challenge 2022! 🌐
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