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💡 Note: This blog post is a submission for The Global MUN 2022 International Challenge Competition, where high-school students from different parts of the world have submitted their creations in order to drive traffic to Direct Relief’s mission to provide medical aid to those affected by the war in Ukraine.

By Marian Sorto 

Palmeras Bilingual School 

Honduras 🇭🇳

Have you ever felt that soothing sensation of happiness entering your body after doing a good deed?

Have you ever felt that soothing sensation of happiness entering your body after doing a good deed? Well, congratulations! This is what the word kindness would feel like if it weren’t an abstract noun. Us humans are social beings, yet nowadays, we have disconnected from our environment to connect to a virtual one. The only thing separating me from you as you read this blog is a screen. The only thing dividing us is a piece of glass and metal. Isn’t that wild to think? How far we are into the future and, despite that, we keep making the same mistakes from the past. 

Do you ever get scared of being forgotten? Have you ever felt the strong urge to make yourself be remembered? Notice how the people humanity still recalls are those who had an impact. Of course, you would like to be remembered as the one who made an admirable contribution to society, unlike a detrimental one. Think of Princess Diana, the world loves her. Think of Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, etc. They all share lots of things in common that can be deemed as traits of kind people. But, the most important one was their selflessness. They all contributed to the improvement of society, one way or another. 

As we speak, hundreds if not thousands of people are dying at the moment for many reasons. One of us cannot magically just make world peace happen. The truth is the key lies within all of our hearts. Have you asked yourself what are you doing right now for world peace? The best thing is there are so many ways you could help others, consequently contributing with your grain of sand to society. There is a quote by Anne Frank that goes “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” This quote englobes so much veracity. I could go on with a bunch of things you could do to help; however, I will just briefly give you some ideas. Donate clothes to others, pick up garbage that is not yours, become part of local NGOs that help your community, organize food gatherings to give to those whose stomachs are roaring, do not waste your food, give a genuine compliment to someone every once in a while, and remember always that kindness starts with you. In addition, if you are going to be kind to others do not forget to start in your home. 

At times like these where there are ongoing wars, famine, sickness, lack of access to education, violence, etc. it is hard to remember that there is more to life than just the bad things. Bad times do not last forever, nor do the good ones, but it is all part of the cycle of life. In a room where people have lost faith, strength, and character would you just like to become part of the dim gray room, or would you prefer to be the person that instills hope in everyone? One person CAN make a difference. Just imagine if the whole world or eighty percent of the 7.753 billion people started more kind and respectful towards each other. More empathetic is the word that suits it best. People will only feel the need to start helping once they put themselves in others’ shoes and understand their burdens. 

A lot of people must feel impotent, unavailing, and powerless even because, like I previously said, we live in a new virtual era, in which everything unfolds right in front of our eyes, but through a screen. We cannot do anything but watch. Wait… We can do something. Certainly, we cannot just convince Putin to get out of Ukraine, Middle Eastern nations to stop fighting, governments to stop using their people’s money for their own, people to stop stealing, stop the illicit trafficking of organs, etc. Nevertheless, we have a platform, we have a voice, and we have a common necessity of peace; therefore, we do have a chance at tackling these issues, but not by ourselves. See, society is a group of people in which every person is part of a more complex system in which every single one works in a set of interrelated parts. We mustn’t wait to start making a change, but for a much bigger impact, we need a much larger group of people. 

To recap everything, we talked about let’s just say the main goal of all of this was for you to self-examine and urge you to do something for society. Remember, you have all the capability to make a fruitful impact in your hands. You don’t have to mourn every loss that happens in the world, but instead, you have to fight for those that are still here. You have to protect them. You have to guide them. You have to teach them, and most importantly you have to love them. I forgot to say that love is the strongest thing there is in this world. Love is the feeling that binds us all and only love can lead us to world peace, and of course, you. Now, tell me, do you want to be remembered? Do you want to be like the moon on a dark night? Do you want to influence others to start making a change? Or will you just continue scrolling through your feed after reading this blog? That is also one of the best things ever, that you have the right to choose whether you want to do something or not. Make sure that you keep in mind that:

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” – Aesop.

We must help our brothers and sisters out, and it will take you very little time.

Thank you very much for doing your part in this catastrophe. Without a doubt, lives will be saved and changed.

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